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We make SEO work for you, getting high-ranking search results for your most profitable products and services.

There’s huge competition to appear in Google search results. And your goal should be to appear on the first page.

Because if you don’t show up, your competitors will.

The first 5 organic listings capture 65% of all desktop search traffic and 45% of all mobile search traffic.

That’s why smart businesses looking to increase organic traffic engage MARK&TING – because we know how to get your most profitable keywords ranking quickly (and keep it that way).

The trick to effective SEO

To achieve best SEO results, we focus on RelevancyAuthority and User Experience to ensure cost-effective leads from your website’s organic traffic.

Here is how it works:


Google’s algorithm focuses on relevant information to your visitors. If your content is highly relevant to what people are searching for, your site will perform better.


When search engine sees other high-ranking websites linking to content on your website, it recognises you as an authority on the topic. This increases your credibility and your keyword ranking.

User Experience

If your website is fast, easy to navigate, and browse on any device, – this will also help with your site rankings.

The right amount of text, optimized headings and meta descriptions and images optimized for mobile will give an extra boost to your SEO results.

This is how we’ll get your business to page one:

Discovery & Audit

We firstly want to to understand how your business operates, the market you compete in, and how you rank among your competitors.

Local Business Optimization

For most Hong Kong businesses, it’s about ‘local search’. We’ll help you optimise your Google My Business listing and set you up to perform well in your target local area.

Keyword Inclusion

This is where the real work begins. We undertake a thorough analysis of your keywords – both the ones you rank for and the ones you’d like to be ranking for, to identify and optimise for valuable keywords that resonate with your potential customers.

With a mixture of short and long-tail keywords, we cover your keywords targeting, to make sure you are not missing out on potential traffic or sales.

Technical SEO

We take technical SEO to a whole new level. Our Hong Kong SEO specialists will look at everything from your security settings to site speed to XML & Robots.txt configurations to identify and optimise areas of improvement based on Google’s best practices.

This includes internal links, meta header & description, title optimisation, content strategy, SEO-friendly URLs, site structure, website speed, mobile-friendliness, images quality and more.

Content Development

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is mostly about the words used across your site – which means content. Using a mix of copywriting, link optimisations, meata descriptions, page titles, we’ll ensure you’re ranking for all of your most profitable keywords.

Links Building & Citations

Backlinks are perhaps the most important part of off-page SEO.

High quality links matter, so we’ll ensure your backlinks are optimised and that you show up in the right directories across the web.

On top of that, we’ll work with our clients to create relevant content and actively build and pursue high-quality backlinks.

Reputation Management

Google reviews are super powerful and give potential customers the confidence to work with you. We’ll help to make sure you’re getting as many positive reviews as possible, boosting your sales results.

Tracking & Reporting

We want to be able to see exactly how your investment in Hong Kong SEO services has resulted in more leads and sales. We’ll send you an SEO report or create a live online SEO dashboard where you can monitor progress at any time.

With tracking in place, we can evaluate our strategies and further strengthen them.

Let’s add some optimized content, for even better SEO results!

If you don’t have informative content on your website, search engines won’t see your site as an authority.
Our SEO team can help you uncover the most important questions and topics your clients want to see.

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Infographics

Optimized for SEO and ready to share on social media, it’ll drive even more quality prospects towards your website and increase your keywords ranking.

Guaranteed Results in
6 Months Or Less!

Want to generate more quality traffic organically, without spending money on ads?

Discover how you can outperform your competitors with our complimentary, no strings attached SEO audit.

In this audit, we will:

  • Reveal your website’s SEO visibility compared to your competitors
  • Provide you with a set of comprehensive keywords that you can focus on to drive more traffic and sales
  • Inspect your website and backlinks health status

Analyse your site’s technical SEO and website accessibility

Need an SEO package?

Sign up for a monthly package and let us handle your SEO optimisation that improves google rating for your keywords and drives site visits.

Let us optimise your site for search engines and get discovered organically via google search. SEO takes time, but it’s well worth it, as it will keep generating “free” traffic in a long run.

Invest in high quality SEO and rise above your competition.  

You can sign up for an Advanced SEO, or SEO Maintenance package independently, or chose an all-inclusive package and get an even better deal.


Frequently Asked SEO Questions

What is the difference between traditional advertising and SEO?

Traditional advertising uses interruptive methods which involve engaging with customers whether they like it or not. On the other hand, SEO is a form of inbound marketing, which is more customer-centric in its approach. When customers look for solutions to solve their problems, they can find your products or services on their own.

Search engine optimization is also more cost-effective for Hong Kong businesses. Why? Because instead of sending out ads to an arbitrary audience, you target your ideal audience and ready-to-buy customers.

How long until I see results from SEO?

Generally speaking, your website’s rankings will rise within 4 to 6 months. It could take longer if you have a new website or domain. But keep in mind that these rankings will grow over time. The traffic you gain at 6 months will grow 12 months in your campaign.

Remember, SEO is a long-term strategy. Similar to many investments, it doesn’t provide significant returns overnight. If other providers of SEO services in HK offer results in less than a month, they’re likely performing black-hat strategies that could get your website de-indexed and ultimately hurt your business.

Can we speed things up? With our expert team, we can definitely craft creative strategies using low competition keywords to quickly boost your rankings.

Can SEO increase my leads and sales?

Most definitely! Search engine optimization is an amazing way for Hong Kong brands to increase not only organic traffic to their site, but also boost leads and sales as a result. In Hong Kong, we’re the only SEO service provider with a comprehensive approach to SEO. We both enhance your searchability and educate site visitors so you can turn clicks into conversions.

Guaranteed Results in 3 Months Or Less!

Drop us a message and we’ll share with you our recommendations and advice on how to achieve best results for your business.

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