Common Mistakes in your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Are you running Facebook ad campaigns but not getting the results you hoped for? The chances are you are making some of the mistakes listed below. The good news is: fixing these mistakes might be easier than you think, and it might improve your campaigns almost instantly, so take a few minutes and make sure you are not making these mistakes when running Facebook ads.


1.  You are giving up on ad campaigns too early

Facebook-Ad-learning-phaseFacebook is really good at using data with thousands of data points on every Facebook and Instagram user. It can determine who to advertise to, how often to show ads, which ads to show etc. This means the more you advertise on Facebook (and the more data you generate in your account), the better the results will be.


2.  You are not copying your competitors ads

The easiest way to succeed with Facebook ads is to find someone else in your industry that is generating great results and learn from them, especially when you’re getting started.


Finding competitors ads

Open up Facebook Ad Library and select the appropriate location and then choose “all ads” from the ad category menu. Enter the name of your competitor into the search field and you will see exactly how many ads they’re running and what they look like.

(You may have to try this with a few different competitors to find ones that are currently running ads.) Going through this process is a great way to find ads that are performing well.

Scroll down to find ads that were launched at least six months ago. Because if your competitor has been running the same ad for six months or longer, it’s highly likely that the ad works great and is delivering solid results for them. Besides the ad itself you can also see what they’re offering in the ad, the ad creative, the primary text, the headlines and the call to action button. You can even click on the call to action button and be taken through to competitors landing page. Then you can simply learn what your competitors have done and use that knowledge for your own ads.

But there is a catch. Make sure you do not make mistake number three below. 


3.  You are only copying your competition facebook ads

While you do want to learn from what your competitors are doing, you also need to be different and stand out from the crowd. The easiest way to do that is to analyze Facebook ad library and see what people are doing in industries that are similar to yours. Try to find a successful campaign from another industry that is not being used in your industry yet and apply it to your business.


4.  Differences between facebook Ads & Landing page

Your Facebook ads and your landing pages should have a similar look and feel, otherwise you are risking your prospects hitting the back button, since they will feel like they haven’t landed in the right place. That could spell trouble for a few reasons. Firstly, those people obviously won’t convert to paying clients, and you’ll have wasted money on advertising. But even more importantly, when people hit the back button, that’s a signal to Facebook that your ads are below average quality, and Facebook will charge you more to run these ads.

So make sure to use the same color scheme in your ads and your landing pages, or using some of the same images or headlines.


5.  Only using one ad format

facebook-ad-formatsEven if you found an ad format that works well, it probably won’t last very long. By limiting yourself to just image ads or just carousel ads, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. The best results come from using a mix of different ad formats at the same time. Some people are more likely to engage with the carousel, and for others, a video ad is more likely to grab their attention. Ideally, your ad sets are going to have image ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads etc. all running at the same time.

It’s extra effort, but it’s worth it.


6.  Ignoring ad frequency

Have you ever seen an ad so often that you got sick of it? Do not be that advertiser. People hate it.


To avoid this mistake, go to the delivery column preset, and look at the frequency column. Frequency is the average number of times that someone within your audience has seen your shots. A general rule is to make sure your frequency doesn’t go above 2.5.

To keep things fresh for your audience, introduce new ads into your campaign when your ads reach the 2 to 2.5 frequency line.


7.  Not sitting Still

This mistake is very frequent and it has a huge impact on your results.

Facebook ad campaigns perform best when they are stable. When you first launch a campaign, you’ll see it go into a learning phase. During the learning phase, Facebook is trying to figure out how to best deliver your ads to get the best possible results. If you are constantly tweaking things and making adjustments to your ad campaigns, Facebook can’t optimize properly and you won’t get out of the learning phase.

Patience is the key. Do not make changes more often than every seven days is a general rule.


8.  Advertising Blind

You need to be able to track your results, otherwise you are flying bling. Not only do you need to be able to see what return on ad spend you generate, you also need to be able to see which ads targeting options, ad creatives, descriptions etc, are delivering the best results, so that you can make adjustments and optimize your campaigns.


Start by setting up and installing the Facebook Pixel. On top of that You also need to verify your domain and configure your web events in aggregated event measurements.

It is worth taking a bit of time to make sure you’ve got your tracking set up properly. By doing so, you’ll already be ahead of 90 percent of your competition.

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